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Ayla Rose Barreau


Ayla Rose in Heroes


Peace Concert Red Carpet


Ayla Rose in Glee

Kumar's Day at the Park

Kumar's Day at the Park

Ayla Rose Barreau, a SAG-AFTRA actor who also sings, dances and models, has been acting and training since the age of 8 starting at the Actors Studio of Newburyport and Groundlings, to Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts and private coaching, but has been on stage from the time she was 8 months old. As a New England native, she began her career in the Boston Liturgical Dance Ensemble's production of A Dancer's Christmas, where she went from babe to villager over the years.

With great character versatility and physical comedy, Ayla has co-starred on Fox’s Glee and NBC’s Heroes and graced the big screen as Ruby, the female lead, in The Busker, a supporting role in the feature, Glory Days. She has also made several appearances as leads in National Commercials and in stage plays both classical and contemporary on the east and west coast including touring with the New Hampshire Shakespeare Festival and winning the audience award forThe Book of Life in the Skypilot "Future Shock" One-Act Festival. As part of the SkyPilot Theatre Company, Ayla has participated in several virtual theatre productions throughout the pandemic and was invited to voice roles on episodes on the Open Door Playhouse Podcast.  

Along with acting, Ayla volunteers with the Young Storytellers Foundation and IKAR, dabbles in playing and composing piano music and singing in the Phil Harmonic Choir at LAVC, enjoys arts & crafts, hiking and biking, and baking delicious treats for family and friends.